Our Price Guarantee

We’re so sure we will get you the absolute lowest price on your new car, we will guarantee it ! Here’s how it works.

Once you buy your new car from us, if you are able to find the same car at a better price, we’ll pay you the difference plus $100. That’s right, we are that confident we can get you the best price! Sound too good to be true? Check out our happy customers!

Okay, here’s the small print: The deal needs to be in writing and it needs to be a real deal based on the same MSRP of the vehicle you got with us. In other words, the car can actually be purchased or leased for that price. If you get your friend who works at a dealership to make up a phony price quote, that won’t fly….but you wouldn’t do that right? That would be bad karma!

Price comparison must be all in for both cars. In other words, we will compare the total amount that will be paid once you pay off the purchase or lease including fee, taxes, miles, etc. It’s gotta be apples to apples right? Also, you have until the end of the calendar month to bring us the better deal. Why the end of the calendar month? Well, from time to time, car manufacturers announce new savings and rebates and they do it at the beginning of the month. No one ever knows what those savings will be and no one can guarantee the price this month will be better than the price next month if new rebates are announced. That said, you may get rebates and discounts this month that won’t be available next month. So waiting could cost you!