Q: What if I find a car for less than what I paid from It’s Good CARma.

A: Not likely. It’s never happened, but if it does, we’ll pay you the difference plus $100!

Q: How long will it take for me to get my new car?

A: In some cases, we can deliver the car the same day. In most cases it takes a couple of days. It just depends how quickly you can approve the car and get us the paperwork.

Q: Can I test drive my car before I buy it?

A: Sure, we will be happy to set up a test drive for you so you can try out your new wheels.

Q: How do I know that It’s Good CARma will get me a better deal than I can get for myself?

A: Negotiating car deals is our profession and we are very good at what we do. Our experience has educated us on all dealer profit centers, and that gives us the upper hand in negotiating your car deal. Additionally, we have software that shows us the rebates, money factors/interest rates, residual values etc. Plus, we buy a lot of cars every month. The dealers essentially give us a “quantity discount” to keep our business. But that doesn’t mean we work with just one dealer.  This puts YOU in the power position.

Q: Am I getting the best deal when I have a friend that works at a dealership or a friend refers me to a dealership?

A: If you have a very close relationship with the right person at the dealer(a person with the authority to give a great deal), there is a possibility that you can get a good price on the car. But why should they give you the best deal if it will take money out of their pocket? Also, the vehicle price is not the only factor in a good deal. There are other profit centers that the dealer can get you on like interest rates and dealer charges, making it a bad deal overall.

Q: What do I have to lose by hiring It’s Good CARma?

A: Nothing. Remember our Money Back Guarantee. If you find a better deal we’ll match the price or pay you the difference plus $100! You can walk away with the peace of mind that you got the absolute best deal.

Q: Can It’s Good CARma get any make and model?

A: At the moment, we can get you any car make and model except for Tesla. Tesla’s prices are non-negotiable and vehicles must be configured by its owner, and for this reason, we don’t feel we can add any value.

Q: Can It’s Good CARma get high end or exotic cars?

A: Yes, we can and we are great at it! We have sold luxury vehicles such as: Range Rover, Bentley, Porsche, Maserati, etc.

Q: Where do I sign my paperwork since I won’t need to visit the dealership?

A: Wherever you request delivery of your new car, at your home or office.

Q: Does It’s Good CARma accept Trade-ins?

A: We assist with trade-in’s. We negotiate your trade-in as part of your deal and make sure we get the most possible for your current vehicle by working with wholesale partners that offer more than your typical dealer. These are some of the same wholesalers the dealer will sell your car to from a profit, except we don’t make a dime on the deal so that you maximize the money you get for your trade-in.

Q: Does It’s Good CARma work with used vehicles?

A: Yes. We have a program for credit challenged customers that are unable to purchase new vehicles that involves the purchase of used vehicles.

Q: Do all cars come with warranty?

A: Yes, all new cars have warranty through the manufacturer and the dealer will honor the warrantee the same as if you bought it directly from them. There is NO advantage to buying the car directly from the dealer.

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: He was trying to get away from the car dealership!